Premier Skin Care & Facial Services from LaVida Massage

Get the glowing, vibrant skin you’ve always dreamed of with professional skin care services from LaVida Massage. The perfect complement to any wellness routine, our licensed estheticians will have you looking and feeling younger, healthier, and more confident than ever!

LaVida Massage of Promenade is dedicated to contributing to a healthy lifestyle by providing customized facial and skin care treatments. We recognize the need for convenient and affordable skin care services in every local community that are easily accessible to those with busy schedules and lifestyles. By providing superior quality esthetic and facial services through our LaVida Massage Center, you can get healthy, radiant skin, treat common skin conditions, and reverse the effects of aging on your skin.

Skin Care Services: Facials, Body Waxing in Charlotte, NC | LaVida Massage of Promenade - signature_facialPersonalized Skin Care Treatments from LaVida Massage

Our unique and comprehensive Custom Signature Facial, available at LaVida Massage of Promenade provides a wide range of services, including Ultrasonic Facials, Designer Peels, and more.

A Solution for Any Skin Type

Our skin care solutions are uniquely designed to provide therapeutic procedures that can be customized to treat the skin conditions our guests most commonly experience, such as:

  • Damaged, dry skin
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Skin redness & blemishes
  • Acne & rosacea
  • Wrinkles
  • Anti-aging treatments

At LaVida Massage of Promenade we are aware of the high demand for affordable facial and skin care treatments and we are committed to getting superior results that don’t cost you a fortune. We recommend starting with a Signature Custom Facial or Deep Pore Cleansing for your first skin care experience.

Meet Our Product Line

Dermalogica is a game changer in the world of skin health. Dermalogica is the ultimate choice of skin care professionals and consumers the world over. Dermalogica knows that skin health is extremely important, and therefore keeps their products free from harsh chemicals and fragrances that can cause break outs and irritation. Dermalogica replenishes your skin to its best state, giving you the feeling of true skin health. Stop into LaVida Massage of Promenade to receive your FREE Dermalogica Face Mapping Skin Analysis from our licensed skin therapist and receive a personalized skin care regimen to achieve your best skin ever. 

Why Choose LaVida Massage for Your Skin Care Needs?

Skin Care Services: Facials, Body Waxing in Charlotte, NC | LaVida Massage of Promenade - designer_peel

Our locally owned and operated skin care and massage center is committed to living up to our ongoing reputation of being the premier local supplier of professional skin care and facial services, which is why we always maintain the highest standards for our clean, beautiful, and relaxing wellness center.

Our guests have come to expect consistent, effective results and exceptional customer service. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ongoing education of the leading skin care products and practices. Our esthetic specialists have a complete and well-rounded knowledge, training, and passion for skin care to provide you with an enjoyable experience that will get you results.

Give us a call at 704.708.5044 with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to provide you with detailed information regarding our high quality products and services or make room in our schedule for your visit.

It’s more than skin deep at your LaVida Massage Center in the Promenade on Providence Shopping Center, Charlotte, NC.

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